Training for Golf Strength and Flexibility

Many golfers in corporate America invest in some of the most expensive golf clubs as if these were enough to improve their golfing prowess. And when sudden low back pains or shoulder aches plague them after a golf bout, they think these are just the typical hazards of the game. Truth is golf is an athletic activity that requires top physical form like any sport. If these golfers have not invested the time and effort to improve their physical condition, they really can’t be successful in the sport.

Strength Training for Golfers

Most golfers hardly have the time and patience to have a proper gym workout so they can improve their muscular strength. This is why it pays to get a veteran professional Chicago trainer if you happen to reside in Illinois. A few twists or swings to prepare yourself for a golf tourney simply won’t do. There are resistance workouts that can improve a couple of areas critical for a golfer – strength and flexibility

Get a Strong Core

A developed set of body muscles is the powerhouse core for the proper golf swing on your first tee off.  Strength or resistance training that can work up your shoulders, abdominals, back and hip muscles is critical in supporting and accelerating your arm swing. Golf celebrities like Tiger Woods and Gary Player have championed strength training as an essential regimen for maximizing their golfing achievements. Developing the muscles through weights like barbells and dumbbells on incline bench press is a start.

Flexibility is Key

On the other hand, flexibility is all about having the range of body movement for a fluid seamless and effortless swing, short or long, that allows you to hit the golf ball under any terrain condition. There are golf stretching exercises like the Lying Leg Crossover golf stretch  that extend the reach of your shoulders, torso and hip movements for this purpose. Learn from the weight training guidance of your Chicago trainers when maximizing your golfing abilities. No amount of exotic golf clubs will get you to the top unless your body is conditioned enough to get you there.

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